All About Maxxa

  • Artist: Maxxa
  • Genre: Dance
  • Total Album: 32
  • Total Songs: 50+

Short Biography:

Miroslav Maxian aka Maxxa is a producer and DJ from small city Sumperk in Czech republic His first contact with house music was about 1999 year and of course house music became one of the most important thing for him Back in days he started like a promoter of small house and techno parties and started mixed underground house lp x27 s on bestfriends decks 8230 In 2000 year he went to live to magic city Prague because here in clubs djs played ...

Music Album of Maxxa

Passion EP
Night Groove EP
Night Groove
So What So Deep Single
U Know My Secrets Single
Feelin EP
Sometimes I Believe Single
Just a Feeling EP
Minutes of Life Single
On the Rhodes Again Single
So What So Deep Single
Back To Memories Single
Come Together Single
Don t Let Me Down Single
Somewhere In Schönberg Single
Talkin EP Single
Relative Calm
Stay All My Angels Single
Feel the Same Way Single
Ke Sikesi Kesi Single
On the Air Single
Just One Dance Single
Midnight Blow Single
Sunset Single
Reflection Single
The Drummer Single
Mood Swings Vol 2
  • Mood Swings Vol 2
  • Jadad Bork Flsk Marcelo Nassi Maxxa Phase Modulation Zeque
Natural Herbz
Weed Wine EP
Night Streets EP
Day After Day EP
Wicked Ways EP

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